Product Category: Concrete Pump Primers & Slurry Pouches

MapleState Prime is ready-to-use dry powdered, water-soluble slurry pouch (bag), used as concrete pump primer or for lubrication of concrete pump pipeline. This cost-effective concrete admixture can be dissolved in a bucket or in the pump hoper itself that replaces expensive ready-mixed priming grout and enhances the range of pump-ability of concrete pump pipeline which minimizes the horsepower of pump and also works for Boom Pressure. It also reduces line pressure, which enables the placement of hard to pump mixes and increases the range of pump-ability. This concrete pump primer is compatible with all the conventional concrete materials and environment friendly. It does not contain any air entraining agents, soaps, cementitious particles or bentonite. It can be used 50 mm to 150 mm diameter of delivery pipe. It will reduce the diesel cost significantly and minimize the probability of chock-ups.

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MapleState Prime Concrete Pump Primer


  • 8.81 OZ. / 250g pouch
  • (1 Corrugated Box contains 50 pouches).

Benefits of using MapleState Prime Concrete Additive Slurry Pouches

  • Get rid of using expensive ready-mixed priming grout
  • It replaces 10-bags of cement & hassle of lifting them into the hopper or drum
  • Easy-to-carry 250 gm (8.81 oz) pocket pouches
  • Increase the range of concrete pump-ability
  • It also reduces the friction in concrete pipe line
  • No stop or block in pipe line
  • MapleState Prime is cheaper & time saver
  • Very small quantity is required

Our priority is to ensure our clientele get their job done on-time and safely. Therefore, we manage the development of all our services & concrete priming products. All of our concrete pump primers have been field-tested and distributed in Ontario. If you have any questions our staff will be pleased to assist you with adequate answers.

The MapleState Construction Inc. supplies slurry pouches, lubricants and concrete pump primer for all types of concrete pumps including Stationary Concrete Pumps with Rock Valve, S VALVE & Balls, Boom Pumps, Concrete Pump Trucks, Concrete Boom Trucks, Line pumps, Trailers, Placement Pumps, etc.

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